Bouna N'Diaye
Bouna Ndiaye
CEO and Founder of Comsport and Comsport US

Bouna Ndiaye has earned a reputation in France, Europe and now in the USA, for his unique approach to representing athletes in contract negotiations and career planning. Upon Graduating with a Master in Business Administration from the University of Paris Pantheon La Sorbonne in 1991, Bouna has worked as a financial manager and controller for over 5 years before to found in 1995 Pro Ball Presse a corporation specialized in all sports books and media guide publications and Comsport France for the player representation. Based on his knowledge of the international and the NBA markets, Bouna's leadership, helped Comsport to become one of the elite firms in the industry.

Bouna is a certified player-agent by the NBPA, FIBA and FIFA. He is in involve in all steps of the process for all Comsport clients. He has negotiated some of the most lucrative and high-profile contracts in the basketball industry. He now resides in Dallas, Texas.

Jeremy Medjana
Jérémy Medjana

Jérémy is a co founder of Comsport and Comsport USA. Certified by the FFBB and FIBA as a player-agent, jeremy excels in talent evaluation and is involved in all aspects of client representation and has earned a reputation for identifying future international NBA players and recruiting potential Comsport clients.

Jeremy leads the Women Basketball department. Jeremy handle also all international Marketing, Media and Public relations opportunities. He has worked with local national and international clients to plan and execute full marketing, advertising and image enhancement programs overseas. Jeremy has been involved with player representation for the last eleven years. During this time, he has established an extensive network of relationships throughout the European Market. Jeremy resides in Paris FRANCE.

Florian Collet
Florian Collet
Player Agent

Florian joined Comsport as a Managing Director of the Foreign players in 2009. He also supervises the international scouting.

Florian excels in talent evaluation and has earned a reputation for identifying future top Europeans players and recruiting potential Comsport clients. Florian has spent 4 years in the basketball industry scouting for local French teams. His success quickly help Comsport increase his imports players’ roster at 15.

Frederic Pons
Frédéric Pons
Player Development

Frédéric’s nickname is Larry, cause he is a big fan of Larry Bird. He has been with Comsport since 2008. Leader of the player development program, Larry evaluates the strengths and weakness for every client, design individual player program, works one on one with our players to strengthen their overall basketball skills.

Larry has the ability to accommodate all of our clients with any training environment they desire. Regardless of the environment, all programs focus on fine-tuning and enhancing each athlete’s strength, speed and overall skills. Larry is also involved on the draft process and placement strategy and help Comsport Executives researching statistics and evaluating players values during free agency.

Victor Odena
Victor Odena
Chief Operating Officer

Victor joined Comsport in June 2012. In his role as Chief Operating Officer, he is responsible for the company’s worldwide operations including business and administration, company-wide efficiency and communication efforts, and day-to-day operating activities of the company’s infrastructure.

Victor ensures permanent contacts with clubs and partners and also served as the company’s Chief Financial Officer.

Andrew Quinn
Andrew Quinn
Executive Assistant & Player Agent

Andrew joined the Comsport family in May 2016 as Executive Assistant to CEO Bouna Ndiaye, servicing clients in every facet of their lives and assisting in every day operations of Comsport USA. Upon achieving great academic success at the University of Oklahoma and graduating in 2014 with a degree in Spanish, Andrew spent a year in Costa Rica playing professional basketball and helping teach English to children in impoverished areas of San José.

Possessing a unique linguistic skill set and succeeding as a former player of both soccer and basketball allows Andrew to connect and communicate with athletes on a completely different level, creating a family-like atmosphere. With aspirations of becoming a well-respected Player Agent in the industry, his greatest passion is to help others achieve their dreams at the highest level of their respective sports and to be a guide and mentor off the playing field.

Fitzgerald Thomas
Fitzgerald Thomas
FIFA Player-Agent

Fitzgerald is a FIFA certified player-agent and licensed by the French Football Federation (FFF). Joined Comsport in February 2014. A member player of L’Olympique Lyonnais, Fitzgerald know the game and has developped and extensive network In France as well as in Ghana (Africa).

He will lead the football development in France and Ghana and will be involve in all part of the players career managament. Fitzgerald resides in Lyon (France).

Mouhamed Gueye
Mouhamed Gueye
FIFA Player-Agent

Mouhamed is a FIFA certified player-agent and licensed by the French Football Federation (FFF). Joined Comsport in January 2012. In the last five years, he has built an industry-wide network where scouting, recruiting and player tracking are a part of everyday life.

Mouhamed provides Comsport clients with personal and career advice, is responsible for client recruitment, and has the exclusive ability to facilitate the logistical, physical, technical, and psychological needs of our football players. Mouhamed resides in Nantes (France).